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If you have any issues when booking your visit, please contact us on 01296 670444 or and we can get everything sorted for you. Thank You.

Annual Pass Terms & Conditions

Individual Annual Pass

This Annual Pass is valid for one individual adult or one individual child who must be present each time the pass is used.
Ideal for parents with children under 2.

Child +1 

This Annual Pass is valid for one named child who must be present each time the pass is used. The “+1” refers to an unnamed adult which is included in the cost of this pass. At The Green Dragon you are considered an adult when you have turned 16 years old.
Ideal for children that might have different adults bringing them to the farm.

Adult +1

This AP is valid for one named adult who must be present each time the pass is used. “+1” refers to an unnamed child which is included in the cost of this pass. At The Green Dragon a child is anyone between the ages of 2 and 15. Children under 2 are free of charge.
Ideal for adults that for example have a child under 2 and one or more children over 2, but want to be able to go to the farm just with the little one every once in a while.

Childminder +3

This AP is valid for one named adult who is a registered Childminder. Up to 3 children between the ages of 2 of 15 are included on the pass, and the childminder can bring an unlimited number of children under 2 years of age as they are free of charge. Upon purchasing the membership, alternatively on their first visit to the farm, they need to show proof of registration with Ofsted, together with a photographic ID.

DLA passes

(Individual Child DLA or Individual Adult DLA)

If you or your child is registered disabled and require a carer, one registered carer comes in free of charge. If you provide us with a copy of your blue badge or DLA paperwork when buying your Annual Pass (alternatively bring it with you on your first visit), that will be reflected on your membership when you book your tickets online. You won’t need to bring any paperwork on your visits to prove your disability, but your carer will still need to bring proof that they are a registered carer. The carer might be asked for a photo ID for the receptionist to be able to match up the name on the documentation with the person visiting.

Additional Terms & Conditions

  1. The person named and whose photo is connected to the membership must always be present for the pass to be valid, passes are not interchangeable between individuals.
  2. The parent/guardian/payee listed on the application form is not tied to the AP as a passholder, they are only listed as a point of contact.
  3. When an annual pass is purchased the passholder acknowledges that the processing of their personal data is necessary for the performance of our contract with them. If an annual pass is being purchased for an individual under the age of 16, in doing so the parent/guardian purchasing the pass gives consent for the processing of the child’s data. The Green Dragon Eco Farm will keep this data on record for up to two years after the AP has expired, but the data will never be shared with any third parties.
  4. The Green Dragon Eco Farm reserves the right to withdraw a membership at any point without a refund given, if the passholder acts inappropriately towards the staff or animals.
  5. COVID-19 notice - The initial Government lockdown had a big negative financial impact on The Green Dragon Eco Farm, which means that the rest of 2020 and maybe the start of 2021 is very uncertain for the business. For the survival of our animals, our staff and the business as a whole, we may have to have periods of being closed to the public during the autumn and winter months. There may also be regional or national lockdowns which we have no control over. We will not be able to offer any extensions or refunds on any Annual Passes if we have to close for any of the aforementioned reasons. By purchasing an Annual Pass you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions.